Per event on Saturday, time tbc

  • 15 – 20 participants per day
  • Showcase on stage: max. 2 min.

Showcase: Convince the jury and the audience of you and your costume. Present the character within the allotted time and show us how you interpret it. This can be anything from a short show act to epic posing.

The organizer reserves the right to exclude cosplayers from the COSPLAY CONTEST without justification.



  • Costumes from comics, video games, anime/manga, TV series, films and cartoons may be depicted
  • Gender bending is allowed
  • Crossover is allowed (characters from different series together in one appearance)
  • Weapons allowed on stage: wood, plastic, thermoplastic materials, foam, LARP weapons
  • Set-up time for props: max. 1 minute
  • Microphones (2) are available
  • Stage helpers (“Stage Ninjas”) may be brought along to help, a maximum of two; the “Stage Ninjas” must be dressed completely in black
  • Metal weapons are not permitted
  • No live animals are permitted on stage
  • Fire and smoke machines are prohibited on stage
  • No objects may be thrown into the audience
  • The jury may not be involved in the performance
  • Sexual, racist, offensive and obscene actions, gestures and expressions are not permitted
  • Glorification of violence and the depiction of scenes of extreme violence are not permitted
  • Leaving objects on the stage, including liquids, stuffed animals, sweets, etc., is not permitted
  • Every cosplayer must ensure that their own props and objects are removed from the stage after the performance



The application documents must be submitted in full by email to teamrdam@weloveconventions.com

  • Complete personal information of the cosplayer(s)
  • Information about which We Love Conventions event you would like to take part in the contest at
  • Explanation of which cosplay should be depicted including a cosplay photo
  • A template must be submitted for each character that shows as much of the outfit as possible
  • Illustrations/artworks/screenshots are permitted as templates (original characters/OCs are permitted if there is a full-body color illustration)
  • Music – if required during the performance – format: mp3
  • Registration deadline including all documents is two weeks before the event
  • You will be notified of whether you will be taking part in the contest or not at least two weeks before the respective event



The evaluation consists of the costume evaluation and the performance evaluation.

Places 1-3 will be awarded non-cash prizes. The evaluation and decision on places 1-3 is made by a “specialist” jury put together by the organizer.

The winners must be present at the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony will take place after the competition.


PREJUDGING/COSTUME ASSESSMENT (duration approx. 1h – 1h 30min)

Each competitor has a maximum of 2 minutes to present the details of their costume to the jury in a separate costume evaluation before their stage appearance.



Processing (craftsmanship)

  • Which fabrics and materials were chosen? Do these fit the concept of the character?
  • Have the materials been processed cleanly and neatly? No loose threads? Cleaning inside? Dents in the armor? Hairnet visible?


Similarity to the original (resemblance)

  • How closely does the created costume resemble the original?
  • Proportion of the costume?
  • Makeup and wig?
  • Colors correct or different?
  • Does the cosplayer manage to recreate the “overall look” of the character?


Difficulty level

  • How many details does the costume have?
  • Is it very simple or very detailed?
  • Did different techniques have to be used?
  • Have new techniques been developed?


Character embodiment (role play)

  • Can the cosplayer portray the characteristics of their character on stage?
  • Do you feel the character’s emotions during the performance?
  • Does the cosplayer appear confident and convincing on stage?


Quality, originality, creativity and entertainment

  • What is the general quality of the performance? Is the timing right? Are the lip movements synchronous? Is the harmony between the actors right? Is the music right? Are there sound effects?
  • Is the performance very imaginative or boring? Do things happen that you rarely/usually don’t see at performances?
  • Is the performance entertaining? Is it fun to watch the cosplayer(s) on stage? Does the performance make you want to see it again?
  • How does the audience react?




  • There are great prizes to be won. These will be announced on site.
  • Generally, this contest is a SINGLE CONTEST. If, in exceptional cases, several participants take part/perform together, if the couple/group wins, the prize won must be divided independently among the winners. The organizer has nothing to do with this.