What would a warrior be without his blood-stained axe, a powerful magician without his wand, or a forest elf without her elegant bow? Hardly any cosplay today can do without imitation weapons. To ensure that the visit to our events is an unforgettable experience for all visitors, we would like to give some tips on wearing imitation weapons at the convention.

All imitation weapons are subject to a weapons check before entering the exhibition grounds.


  • Real firearms, SoftAir and gas pistols (also unloaded)
  • Real ammunition
  • Real throwing weapons (throwing stars, throwing knives, darts)
  • Pyrotechnics and explosive devices (firecrackers, rockets, etc.)
  • Brass knuckles, blackjacks, baseball bats
  • Choking weapons (e.g. nunchucks)
  • Cutting and stabbing weapons made of metal with a sharp or blunt tip (katanas, swords, sabers, machetes, hatchets, morning stars, knives of all kinds)
  • Rods and tubes made of metal, wood, fiberglass, hard plastic or a combination thereof (bamboo swords, wooden rods, lances)
  • Arrows of all kinds, regardless of material
  • Riding crops over 1m long, hand whips of all kinds

Anyone who carries these types of items with them despite the ban will be immediately expelled from the premises after taking their ticket, even if they are authorized to carry this weapon!


  • Imitation weapons made from foam, rubber, cardboard and thermoplastic materials
  • Imitation weapons and sticks made from a combination of wood and cardboard/plastic/soft plastic, if the proportion of wood does not predominate
  • LARP weapons made of foam or latex with a stabilization core
  • Bows without a functional string; Arrows without tips


  • Metal armor pieces must be securely attached to the body
  • Metal chains must be attached to the costume and must not be worn loose
  • On spiked bracelets and collars, the spikes must not exceed 5 cm in length and must be blunt
  • No sharp corners or edges on clothing


PLEASE also keep in mind and be considerate, when traveling or walking outside the venue, on the streets and in public transport that imitation weapons might scare people, if they are not familiar with Cosplay. 


Email for cosplay questions: teamrdam@weloveconventions.com